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Temporary flame-retardant protections with PMUC approval

Certain sensitive sites, such as nuclear environments, must meet very demanding standards in terms of temporary protection.

To avoid any corrosive action on the various supports, the protections used must respect a threshold of halogen (Chlorine, Fluor, Bromine) and Sulfur contents. These regulations allow PMUC (french acronym for Protections and Materials Used in Power Plants) to be approved.

Protecflam Industries offers, in its range, an M1 flame retardant protective film, as well as an M1 adhesive, both meeting PMUC requirements.


The PLASTIFLAM® POLYMAT Polyethylene film with PMUC approval in 150 µm thickness, is packaged in a 2,000 mm roll (folded in 2) x 80 ml. It is used as soil protection, containment airlock, etc. It can also be used in covers or bags.


PLASTIFLAM® AT712 adhesive is a shiny fabric tape, white in appearance with a writable surface, it is easy to cut. It can be used for joining PMUC protections.

By expanding our Plastiflam® range, Protecflam Industries wishes to meet the most technical requirements. Each request is studied, and we seek to bring you a solution, even if the product is not in our range.

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