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Volatile Organic Compounds – Grade A

Air quality

VOCs – Volatile Organic Compounds can be of natural or artificial origin, they escape in the form of fumes. They can be polluting, even harmful to health and the environment. A classification assesses the emissions, it goes from A (low emissions) to C (high emissions). The acronym + is a guarantee of quality. When the emissions are very low, then the classification A becomes A +.

Our flame retardant and intumescent solutions are now labeled. They are classified A for intumescent paints and varnishes Verniflam® range and A + for flame retardants Hydroflam® range.

The purpose of this label is to inform you, as users of our solutions. Our priority is also to offer you products with a low impact on the air you breathe.

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Passive Fire protection

Dedicating its work to passive fire protection by improving the fire behavior of materials, Protecflam Industries has continuously developed new products to improve the safety of people and property. A constantly evolving range of products makes it possible to meet the most technical needs.