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Fire retardant dry plants in art exhibition

Fire retardant straw is in the spotlight at the start of the year.

Bales of hay have been fireproofed in the workshops of Protecflam Industries, with fire-retardant liquid Hydroflam® BC11. The hay kept its natural appearance, without any visual alteration, and its smell remained unchanged. Flame retardant process was made by soaking ; bales of hay were then stored in our dryers. We optimize logistics by offering solutions adapted to the volume and possibilities of our customers.

The fire retardant straw is currently on display at the Centre Pompidou in Paris, in the artistic creation of Christian Boltanki “Life in the Making” . It involves no less than 120 kg of hay. This exhibition, which calls us to meditation, is to be followed until March 2020 at the Centre Pompidou in Paris.


© Photo : Centre Pompidou


The artist Ulla Von Brandenburg is currently exhibiting at the Palais de Tokyo. Within his work, the artist highlights mounds of fireproofed hay, 250 kg of plant treated in the workshops of Protecflam Industries.


Exhibition view of “The Middle is Blue” – Ulla von Brandenburg, Palais de Tokyo (21.02 – 17.05.2020)
© Photo : Aurélien Mole

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Passive Fire protection

Dedicating its work to passive fire protection by improving the fire behavior of materials, Protecflam Industries has continuously developed new products to improve the safety of people and property. A constantly evolving range of products makes it possible to meet the most technical needs.