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Flame-retardant polypropylen protections : Plastiflam® TB

Protecflam Industries is specialized in passive fire protection tackles both permanent and temporary issues.

Temporary protection of site, machine must be carried out with light, resistant, flexible materials to adapt to particular conformations and not to cause or propagate a possible start of fire.

The range of Plastiflam® TB in 270 or 600 g / m² (2 or 3.5 mm thick) is one of the essential elements of this effective fire protection approach. It is a large honeycomb panel (2.5 x 1.2 m) made of extruded flame-retardant polypropylene. However, it remains easy to handle, adhesive with fireproof rollers, stapling, etc. It folds, cuts and adapts to the floor, wall, ceiling and any fixed or mobile volume.

It is in the form of pallets of 2.50 mx 1.20 m plates and is opaque white in color with a specific print possible. It is eco-recoverable as are traditionally polypropylene products unlike many other plastics.

New Euroclass B Classification Report

The panels have either an M1 classification for Plastiflam® TB 270 and 600 but also Euroclass B-s1, d0 for the TB 270 version. This new test makes it possible to show the fire characteristics required for construction products in Europe and therefore allows its use both on walls and ceilings by achieving the highest degree of protection for a combustible material.
In addition, the evaluation takes into account the opacity of the fumes (s1: the lowest of the levels) and the dripping effect (d0: non-drip ignited when the material is attacked by the flames). Protecflam Industries therefore offers new security measures and developments to serve its customers in the construction and transport sectors in particular.

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Passive Fire protection

Dedicating its work to passive fire protection by improving the fire behavior of materials, Protecflam Industries has continuously developed new products to improve the safety of people and property. A constantly evolving range of products makes it possible to meet the most technical needs.