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How to choose a fire-retardant tarp?


Whether in the entertainment industry or the industry, fireproof tarpaulins are more and more used. These are PVC films that serve as protection, packaging or decor while respecting fire regulations in the ERP as well as the safety of property and people. But how to choose the appropriate flame retardant M1 tarpaulin? Protecflam Industries offers online Plastiflam®. It is a range of flexible plastic films fireproof M1 in the mass. These films and tarpaulins are available in rolls, in different widths, lengths, thicknesses, for the following uses:


Films and tarpaulins protect vertical and horizontal surfaces, but also different types of equipment such as electrical cabinets. They provide protection against scratches, shocks (depending on the thickness), splash water, dust … Associated with our adhesive M1, they can be applied in vertical protection. Our best value for effective temporary protection is the fireproof sheet Plastiflam® 1017/150

Depending on the medium, we offer fire-resistant films with a self-adhesive surface, such as for the protection of carpets and carpets, for example.


These films are weldable by high frequency, thus forming tailor-made houses, with the possibility of adding gripping bands, or magnets to facilitate the setting up. The films are easy to cut with the cutter, mixed with a flameproof adhesive M1, they can cover pallets for example. For this type of work, we recommend films of sufficient thickness to limit the tearing of the tarpaulin. Plastiflam® 1119/350 is one of our thickest fireproof tarpaulins, for example.

We also offer retractable fireproof films once heated. This limits the size of the fireproof packaging and keep the goods packed on its support.


High frequency welded tarpaulins, their appearance offers a certain transparency for a better visualization. The welds provide a good seal, thus protecting against dust. Plastiflam® 1010/200 is particularly suitable.


Used in the performing arts, translucent films and screens provide ideal support for light effects. By high frequency welding, it is possible to equip the screens with eyelets to facilitate their implementation, even for large sizes. Their flexibility will provide an interesting visual, with custom shapes. Contact us for any request for making fireproof tarpaulin for the show.

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