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How to fireproof carboards ?

Cardboard are based on cellulose from wood or plants.

The fireproofing of the cardboard, to be effective and according to the desired fire classification, can only be done by spraying. Several factors come into play:

How the cardboard has been made (kraft or recycled)

  • Corrugated Single Face or Double Face (roll or plate), micro-groove, nano-groove, single, double, triple groove),
  • Compact,
  • Honeycomb (with a multitude of weights, cell sizes and thicknesses!)

The weight of the cardboard

The carton must be dry and free from grease, paraffin or film coating. To obtain an optimal reaction to fire, fireproofing is done by double-sided spraying.

Hydroflam® BC11 allows to obtain a fire classification M1 according to the report of FCBA n ° CM-16-B-030 of cartons from 3 to 25mm thick – single, double or triple groove, as well as cartons with structure in Honeycomb.

It is necessary to spray, front / back (imperatively) “at saturation” in order to obtain an M1 classification.

Warning: the cardboard becomes brittle and deforms under the action of the treatment but it resumes its characteristics when it dries. It is therefore necessary to dry it flat after spraying.

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Passive Fire protection

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