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How to fireproof dry plants ?

Dry plants (straw, reed, marsh grasses, raffia, sisal, coconut fiber, rabane, flax fiber, hemp, etc.) are very flammable but can be quite easily made fire-retardant.

A preferred method, treat by “full bath” immersion or, failing that, by “saturation” spraying, so as to impregnate over a few centimeters (eg: a bale of straw used for decoration). The boot must not be unpackaged because the product will not penetrate the heart.

Our Hydroflam® BC 11 flame retardant is ideal for this type of material (as well as wood and cardboard).

The fireproofing is only valid for indoor use, sheltered from bad weather (the product being in the aqueous phase, it dilutes under the action of rain).

Fireproofing makes it possible to use plants in decoration.

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Passive Fire protection

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