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Intumescent coatings for wood

Intumescent coatings are the only possible techniques to make wood materials fire-retardant indoors and outdoords when they can not be fireproofed beforehand. Our intumescent coatings are rated with Euroclass B-s1, d0 (M1)

The coating process is carried out in two stages: an intumescent layer, the one that gives the fire behavior to the support, then a non-degrading top-coat which gives the treated element an aesthetic visual appearance and protects it from shocks, humidity or other aggression.

In case of temperature rise, the intumescent layer forms a thick crust which isolates the wood from the flames and prevents from gaz exchanges. An intumescent coating system can be either translucent, colorless, tinted or even opaque (paint).

Protecflam Industries propose Verniflam® PV33 Intumescent Varnish System (indoor only) and Verniflam® AL20X Intumescent Paint System (both indoor and outdoor).

Applied to substrates at least 10mm thick in the prescribed yields *, Verniflam® PV33 and Verniflam® AL20X gives Euroclass B to their substrates.

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