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Protecflam Industries

Passive Fire Protection

Specialized in passive fire protection by improving the fire behavior of materials, Protecflam Industries has continuously developed new products to improve the safety of people and property. A constantly evolving range of products makes it possible to meet the most technical needs.

Flame retardant liquids

Manufacture and sale of flame retardants for wood, cardboard, natural and synthetic fabrics, wool, silk ...

Flame retardant Boards

Sale of solid panels, plywood, OSB, fibreboard or particles, fireproof for the arrangement or the protection of the building sites.

Fire retardant treatment

Protecflam Industries fireproof in its workshops most impregnable materials (wood, cardboard, fibers ...) natural or synthetic.

Fire retardant coatings

Sale of intumescent coating systems, paint or varnish, adapted inside or outside, to fireproof wood, metal or even concrete.

Flame retardant protections

Sale of cardboard panels, PVC, tarps, heat-shrinkable films, canvas and flame retardant flexible materials.

Case study

Protecflam Industries offers advisory services on the reaction to fire of materials for industry, transport, construction and layout.

Why choose Protecflam Industries ?

At the heart of the industrial city of Saint-Nazaire, Protecflam Industries has its own laboratories and manufacturing plants. Years of R & D and expertise in passive fire protection have led to the development of the exclusive formulas for the entire Hydroflam® range.

Protecflam Industries holds a massive stock of plastic tarps, wood or cardboard panels, honeycomb sheets, glass sheets or varnishes and paints used for fire protection, in compliance with the regulations in force. Make your choice on the online store:

With us, your products can become flame retardant: cardboard, wood, pallets, but also ropes, safety nets and the majority of fabrics. The improvement of the behavior with fire is accompanied by a certificate of fireproofing related to PV or Classification Reports.

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