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The smallest, lightest and most accessible works will generally be moved. On the other hand, works impossible to move. Protective covers are then necessary and the best option is tailor-made protection. The patented Coverflam® protective covers, perfectly adapted to the work to be saved, are put in place during the execution of the Cultural Property Safeguarding Plan (PSBC).

A good approach to risk management involves identifying priority works and ensuring their safety, in particular by means of protection against fire, water, soot, heat and smoke.

The protection levels of our non-combustible Coverflam® covers (M0) are evaluated and developed by our R&D unit. Specific or standardized small-scale or large-scale test benches were used. Our partners are approved fire reaction and resistance laboratories such as the CSTB or the FCBA. They are made of non-combustible fibers (glass, silica – Veriflam®), aluminum and fire-retardant water-repellent materials such as silicone. Our covers have passed the Oddy test.

Presented at the 2023 Chantilly Conference, you can find the essentials of this exceptional event by clicking here.

Coverflam® Cover
The Coverflam® Cover is easily placed on the work. This protection can be accompanied by devices additional resources in order to speed up its installation (means tightening, opening systems, weights, handles, etc.).
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Coverflam® Board
The Coverflam® Board is suitable for installation at height. It is reinforced in its upper part to stiffen the protection and facilitate its installation. Self-tightening bottom corners allow for adjustment to the picture frame.
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Coverflam® Display
The Coverflam® display case is designed to protect volumes of monumental dimensions and depending on the environment on site, it can be accompanied by an opening system allowing rapid installation.
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Coverflam® Curtain
The Coverflam® curtain is perfectly suited when 2-dimensional protection is necessary or for compartmentalization functions. We provide a set of hanging systems for these protections after a feasibility study on site.
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Non-combustible fiberglass

The materials from our Veriflam® range used to make the covers roll easily into the carrying bags provided to minimize bulk during storage.

Reinforced seams

Coverflam® protective covers are equipped with reinforced and flame-retardant seams.

Identification pockets

All our Coverflam® protective covers are equipped with pockets to facilitate the identification of works.

Ergonomic handles

The ergonomic handles allow Coverflam® protective covers to be handled with great ease.

drainage grommets

Grommets allow water, soot, heat and smoke to escape.

Adjustable angle returns

Coverflam® protective covers are equipped with adjustable corner returns allowing them to adapt perfectly to the works.

Hook-and-loop straps

The flame-retardant hook-and-loop strips allow secure and quick installation of Coverflam® protective covers.

Anti-smoke bibs

The bibs allow Coverflam® covers to be impervious to smoke.

Magnetic fixings

Coverflam® protective covers are equipped with powerful magnets for easy installation. The magnets are integrated and sewn into the cover.